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Audit Services

Helping you fulfill your mandate today – and tomorrow

Our approach to any audit engagement ensures that our clients benefit from a multi-disciplinary focus which is intended to ensure the longevity of the organisation so that it may achieve its mandate in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Our Audits are performed in accordance with Canadian audit standards, usually adopting a risk based approach. This involves a detailed analysis of the client’s activities and systems of internal controls to identify areas that pose the greatest risk of being materially misstated in the financial statements. Our detailed testing procedures are then tailored to meet the risks identified.

Whether the audit is a legislative requirement or for a special purpose commissioned by the client, we are committed to a high level of service and expertise, at all times being cost effective, timely, and innovative in our approach. We are empathetic with clients and understand the need to manage the audit process whilst still addressing the daily pressures of your organisation.

All audits are supported by a detailed audit engagement document setting out the scope, nature and timeline for completion of the audit.

Although the services described for planning and evolution are traditionally employed on our business clients, many of the concepts are equally applicable to not-for- profit entities, many of whom are facing new challenges with regard to sources of funding.

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